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Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio Economico


ISES is a non-profit organization founded to spread European culture in Italy getting closer public agencies, businesses and the third sector to the EU institutions through the development of funded projects following their whole bureaucratic, administrative and managerial path in accordance with the rules laid down by the European Commission.
ISES writes, coordinates and manages projects in partnership with Italian and European universities and research centers, associations and public and private bodies, so to disseminate in Italy the added value created by the exchange of good practices and innovative methodologies developed by European projects.
ISES, with its members, develops projects with high social and cultural values for the territorial growth by participating in EU and national call for proposals. The projects presented by our Association, both as a main applicant/coordinator and as co-beneficiary partners, range from public health to culture, from education to social justice and R&D, participating in the calls launched by the Directorates General of the European Commission.
The process followed by ISES includes:
•    the identification of open funding opportunities for potential participants in Community and national programmes;
•    the support to potential participants towards the programme that best suits to the project idea;
•    the research and identification of potential project partners at European and national level, selected according to their institutional requirements and their expertise;
•    the support for the definition of the project and completion of forms, with particular reference to the procedural and financial aspects;
•    the final assessment of the project proposal according to the requirements of eligibility for funding;
•    the preparation of the negotiation of the grant agreement;
•    the technical support in the management, reporting, promotion and dissemination of results;
•    the financial audit, if required by the grant agreement.

In addition, ISES, in its mission of spreading the European culture, organizes training courses about EU institutions, calls scouting and Project Management of European projects, in order to disseminate, promote and attract on the territory of all the financing opportunities offered by the European Union.
ISES, as a non-profit association, periodically allocates part of its proceeds to charities.
The Association, to implement all its activities, avails itself of the collaboration of qualified professionals who have achieved over the years prestigious results in the design and reporting of transnational projects funded by European programmes.
ISES has a strong partnership with more than 200 bodies in Europe that operate in all economic sectors.

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