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Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio Economico


“We live in society; really, therefore, the only things that are good for us are those that are good for society” - Voltaire

Social promotion is the support that an organization provides to its members and to other organisations to carry out social useful activities; while Social Research gathers analysis and researches related to the problems of modern society and its local specificities as social organization and economic development and also immigration, racism , lawlessness, petty crime , etc…. Research is the first step in any intervention and social improvement project.

Knowing the situation and understanding the elements that define are the prerequisite to be able to plan forms of concrete intervention of social utility.

ISES carries out research and social promotion in order to produce information to support the decision-making system of its members and to create social models that can be replicated throughout the country.

In particular, ISES focuses on the following areas of research and social promotion:
•    Immigration and intercultural relations
•    Territorial welfare
•    Social exclusion
•    Technology

ISES Research and Social Promotion activities:

• promotion of international cooperation;
• development of projects under European calls for proposals to promote the reduction of inequalities;
• promotion of innovative methodologies for the management of social problems;
• promotion of intercultural dialogue;
• support to Public Administrations and non-profit organisations for the development of socio-economic research in the area.

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