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A new European network to exchange and treansfer knowledge and expertise in the field of treatment programmes for perpetrators of sexual harassments and violnce against children and young people

Due to the dramatic data concerning sexual abuses committed in a domestic environment against children and young people, SEX OFFENDERS aimed to contribute to the protection of children and young people against all forms of violence and in particular, against sexual abuses occurring in the private domain. Moreover, the project created a multiagency  network working with sex offenders also out of prisons, in order to avoid and reduce the risk of reiterated offences. Furthermore, awareness actions and training courses toward experts who work with sex offenders in and out of prisons (Jail coach) was organised.
SEX OFFENDERS intended to set out analytical, monitoring and evaluation activities; to organise a training course for prisons guards, social operators and psychologists and to organise awareness and dissemination activities. In particular, the project aimed at improving international collaboration between EU partners by increasing awareness of the management and rehabilitation of sex offenders inmates. The project activities directly involved prison guards, social and health operators and psychologists in each participating countries.
The project started with the analysis of local contexts to collect all the information and data concerning the profiles of sex offenders in each participating country and to map the existing research and programmes of treatment for sex offenders in Europe. After this activity started the organization of the training course for prison guards, social workers and psychologists working with sex offenders in and out of prisons in the participating countries.
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