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Prevention of and fight against crime: a new initiative to identify best practices in the alternative measures & treatment programs and to organize a European prevention campaign for youth

Due to the need to reduce drugs-related crimes, recognized as an important policy objective in Europe, SPRING aimed to contribute to prevention of this kind of crimes, in order to guarantee security and public order, and to reduce its social costs. In particular, SPRING actions contributed to: fight recidivism of crimes committed by IDUs and drug addicted in urban contexts and in juvenile age; reduce the number of new potentials drug users and therefore to reduce new potentials drug law offenders; disseminate and exchange best practices about alternative measures & treatment programs (with a special attention to music therapy) and about prevention campaigns; and to promote the understanding of EU policies in this field, among local authorities and NGOs. SPRING realized firstly activities of analysis and research (in order to identify the best practices to exchange). In a second time, the results of the research activities was applied into: a pilot action to validate the best practices identified in the use of music therapy and a European prevention campaign on information and awareness on drug risks addressed to young people. Additionally, in order to promote the understanding of EU policies on prevention of drugs-related crimes, SPRING organized a workshop specially directed to national authorities and NGOs. The project activities directly involved youngest adults (15-24 years old) drug law offenders under alternative measures & treatment programs, youngest adults in urban contexts to prevent them to drug use, national authorities and NGOs operating directly with drug law offenders.

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